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Aqueduct construction site with large installation guides and heavy machinery.

Project Update | March 6, 2024

The preliminary design phase of the Southwest Aqueduct Reach 2 Project is currently underway.  The design period is expected to continue through fall of 2024.  This phase will include planning, site investigations, detailed engineering design, and development of contract documents that will be use for bidding the project to interested General Contractors. 


Minimal impacts are anticipated along the project alignment during this period with the exception of some preliminary utility and geotechnical investigation work that will take place during the March to April 2024 timeframe.  Residents may observe a drill rig and crew working at points along the alignment during this period.  The drill rig will be used to develop shallow bore holes to take test samples necessary to evaluate subsurface conditions for engineering of the aqueduct.  In addition, a subsurface utility investigation will be taking place to expose utilities and verify their depths beneath the road surface. 


Any questions that arise during this time may be directed to the contact information or hotline phone number provided in this website.

Construction worker  a ditch preparing the aqueduct for additional work.
Construction truck parked near a large portion of aqueduct above the ground.
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